When to Stop Outlining

If you ever feel like being stuck in the outlining process, it’s time to quit and move on to the actual writing. This morning I’ve got fed up with endless outlining after I’ve been doing it for months. It feels like I haven’t moved from the beginning at all and I know that once I start writing, I would ignore the outline anyway but there is something that has been keeping me in one place forever.

Each time I would finish my outline, or my synopsis or character profile, I would feel that it isn’t good enough and I would try to test my concept in from new method and point of view.

There was the Snowflake, then Save the Cat, Michael Hauge’s method, The Story Solution and many others but none of them gave me enough security to actually start writing. I was living in fear of making the mistake, the fear of doing something wrong and putting myself in a position where I would have to edit too much. But, what’s the difference between being stuck in editing or being stuck in outlining? 

The difference is in the first draft. In one case you have it, while in the other you don’t. That’s the whole case. 

Therefore, I’ve decided to finally move on from the endless editing and break this curse of the second novel. I am going to finish this one, and it’s going to be great!