Writing Space

Writers pay a lot of attention to their writing space, but everybody has different preferences.

Some have big desks, comfortable chairs, ideal lighting, soundproof walls, and thermometers set to a pleasant 22 degrees Celsius.

The others prefer more modest offices, with a small desk just to fit a computer and a notebook, a small window, and a decent chair.

Another group of writers prefers a corner desk in a bedroom or a living room or perhaps a kitchen table.

A significant amount of writers prefer movable offices, and they work in coffee shops, parks, shopping malls, bus and train stations, and various other public places.

There is also a group of writers who like to write while standing up or laying in their beds, sitting on the sofa or in lazy bags.

I believe some have weird offices, like a bathtub or a toilet seat. How about a shed or a pantry or hotel rooms?

The amount of places where one can write is unlimited, and I guess that everybody needs to find whatever works for them.