Cleaning up as a Crucial Part of Writing Process

You know that feeling when you just cannot write until you clean you work-space, remove every single unnecessary object from your eyesight? Of course, you do, you are a writer. Well, some people call this – procrastination, I call it – detox. 

It’s all nice and dandy

You have probably heard that you should write every day (I, myself, am an advocate of that ), but sometimes there is a point in your story, or a plot, or a scene where you can’t find the solution that easily. 

There are many different approaches on solving that problem:

  • switch the perspective
  • skip the problem and come back to later
  • try different approach
  • try from beginning
  • read something similar and maybe you will get the idea how to solve your problem
  • think outside the box
  • try with the different character
  • try developing your story from the end
  • etc

It’s all nice and dandy, but sometimes all you have to do is clean up your work-space, or an entire apartment, or office.

Surprisingly, once you remove the cluster of noise from your environment, you will also remove the noise which is blocking you from seeing the solution to your problem. While putting everything on its place, while removing the dust from the things, while doing physical labor, you will relax your mind and most often it will help you to see clearer and change perspective.

If you don’t trust me, try it yourself.