What Makes People Kill other People?

Even before writing about murderers, I used to think a lot about them; I was trying to figure out why would someone consciously decide to end a life of another person. 

Back in the days when newspapers used to be a thing, all my friends were reading from end to beginning (because the sports pages were at the end), but I would have first opened a crime section. I would’ve read about children killing parents, parents killing children, gang shootings, psychopaths killing their neighbors, killing for money, killing for passion,  and I would spend hours thinking about their motives, trying to figure out what was going on in their minds, trying to solve the puzzle, and imagining the events that lead to the murder and thinking of the ways to prevent it and predict it.

It was a huge mystery for me, and it still is, whenever the news about these things come to me.

I’m no longer obsessively reading about murders because it puts me in a discomfort and fills me with negative emotions. From time to time, whether I like it or not, I bump into the news about murders. It happened to me this morning when I read on twitter and later saw the footage of the Jacksonville shooting

I simply couldn’t stop thinking about that. I was trying to figure out what goes through someone’s mind to kill another person for beating him in a video game, but there was no logical reason; only certain people to blame.

  • his parents, for not teaching him how to lose and congratulate the winning side
  • his teachers, and society in general, for not teaching him that he should do more with his life than spending it on a video game. I think that game was his whole life, and a life well wasted. If it was any different, he wouldn’t have killed for it.
  • the people who provided him with a gun and all those gun lovers who think that the only way to stop a bad person with a gun is to give a gun to the good person.

In the end, I will share a video which I found on YouTube this morning after I searched for the news footage and I will stop this unconventional post. I say unconventional because this is something I didn’t want to write about, but I had to because I was deeply touched by the events that had happened at Jacksonville.

If nobody else, this man has an answer.