Bloody Green Givaway

As you might have noticed yesterday, I’ve decided to giveaway 1000 copies of Bloody Green. 

Also, Bloody Green is no longer enrolled in KDP select and therefore, if you are too late and haven’t grabbed your copy yet, you can find it at:

About Bloody Green

It’s hard when painting is all you want to do in your life, but you can’t tell the red from the green color and everyone thinks that you are not suited to become a painter; that you are just not meant to be.

However, it’s even harder to lose your parents and then comes war, destruction, scarcity, poverty and moral collapse of the society.

Still, the hardest thing in life is when you become a victim of the sexual assault and he, who did it, is never to be found.

At first, you lose faith in people, then you start to blame yourself and, in the end, you find your salvation in religion, and you think – If only I could paint the perfect Crucifixion, I might be forgiven.

Year after year you spend every moment of your bloody life focused and dedicated to a single painting and after years and years of unsuccessful pursuit for the holy grail, you find HIM, in a model who is posing on your cross, in high religious official, and before all, your friend!

Suddenly, all colors become visible and everything becomes bloody green.

Video Trailer – Subbed