Unexpected Plot Twist

This morning I was expending my synopsis and while adding some details I realized that my story is going to have an entirely different ending. Good thing is that this realization hasn‘t come once I have stepped deeply into the first, or god forbid, second or third draft.

The snowflake method proved to be working

Namely, I have been working on this synopsis for quite some time and this morning I had an unexpected plot twist. I was taking things slowly and thinking through every major event in the story for the past several weeks.

After I‘ve finished the short synopsis, as suggested in the Snowflake Method, I thought that my story is rounded up and finished. However, as many times before, I was wrong.

I can’t tell you the details

I wish I could tell you what exactly was the revelation that I‘ve got because I am very excited about that and I currently think that it will serve the story in a great manner, but I don‘t want to ruin anyone‘s experience of reading the novel once it‘s finished and god knows, maybe I will change my mind tomorrow and throw away the idea that I‘ve got today (for someone who is not religious I mentioned the god two times too many in this post).

If you have written anything before, I guess that you have the same feeling at least once. It feels like completing the puzzle but the last piece that was missing was crucial for the recognition of the whole picture.

To banalize the things even further, let‘s say that you are putting together pieces of an unknown picture and the moment you put the last piece you realize that is Picasso‘s signature and it‘s the genuine puzzle that he made and although many have speculated over its existence, nobody has actually proven it and you had all the pieces since your 10th birthday and if you could have only seen the piece with his signature you would‘ve known earlier what‘s it all about but by some strange circumstances the signature piece came last which makes the moment of realization even richer.

That‘s what happened to me this morning; I‘ve found the missing piece which changed the entire outcome of my new novel. Have you ever experienced anything similar? Please, tell us in the comment‘s section below.