Writing is Falling and Getting up

Whenever I read a good book, listen to a good song, or absorb any kind of an outstanding art, I have a feeling of perfection. and I also think that everything seems to be its place and if only a single component is removed or replaced the observer would know that it’s missing.

Therefore, I think that creating art is difficult because finding all the pieces of the puzzle is hard and it means that the artists will have to fall down and get up many times before they can finish their work.

Doing it over and over again

At this moment, I am starting my second novel from scratch for the 4th or 5th time; I‘m not even sure, but there is one thing I’m sure off – I will have to fall and raise numerous times until I’m done. Starting from scratch, in my case, means that I’m starting from the outline.

Make it easier

Writing requires a lot of trials and errors but it is much easier to fix the plot hole while in developing stage than once the draft or several drafts are finished.

I reckon that some people might find my endless outlining insane. Focusing too much on the structure and not doing an actual writing is something that Steven Pressfield might call Resistance, in his book The War of Art.

The important thing is to learn to get up

Years ago, when I first started to write I wasn‘t this much eager to start everything from the beginning. I only had one thing in mind and it was – finishing the darn thing and move to the other. Finishing is important, everyone needs to finish their work unless they want to end up like Jonathan Flynn.

On the other hand, finishing too early is as bad as not finishing at all.

How are you coping with the failures in your creative work? Tell us in the comment‘s section below.