The Good Days of Writing

For many authors writing is the most difficult and the most painful job in the world but they still keep doing it for those rare moments of unmeasurable joy.

My case is not any different. Most of the days I spend banging my head on the wall and trying to figure out what and how to write. It is a long an painful process when I spend hours bleeding over my keyboard just to wake up the next day and realize that I need to get rid of everything.

Most of the time writing is devastating because, deliberately or not, I leave a tiny part of myself in every line that I make on the screen. Sharing bits of yourself to unknown people usually hits me like a boomerang in a shape of negative feedback and, quite naturally, I take that hit personally.

But Where Does the joy come from writing?

After weeks of struggling to shape a story into something artistic, there is a moment when I realize that I mustn‘t edit anymore; that moment when I realize that I’m done. It moves me to another place. I stop existing for second and my consciousness bursts into a bubble of pure pleasure; as if I had an orgasm after years of abstinence.

Sometimes,  I push myself to write even if I don’t really feel like doing it and later that day I feel satisfied because I made something on an unpromising day and I feel like a man who is coming back from fishing with nice trout which he caught just before he left.

Not very often, I return to my writing the other day and I read what I have written before and I think – Is this really me? Did I really write this? However,  I must warn you that what I mostly think in these situations sounds like – What idiot wrote this shit?

These are some of the good days. They are very rare, but every writer lives for them. What is your idea of a good day at writing? Please share in the comment‘s section below.