Why to Write a Blog

Have you ever wondered why does one want to write a blog? I most certainly have since this is my third attempt to begin one.

The first attempt at writing a blog

My first idea of having a blog dates back to 2015 when I discovered the affiliate marketing. Back then I was working as a copywriter for a company in Serbia, where I was born and where I used to live. So, I started a blog with a friend of mine and it failed greatly. We were writing about everything: lifestyle, writing, chess, fitness, acting, movies; everything that we ever did or loved doing.

We thought that we can gain an audience in a short amount of time an sell some things through Amazon, and we had to learn it the hard way. It doesn‘t work like that. At least, it didn‘t work for us.

So, after just a couple of weeks, we have quit. We didn‘t earn anything, we had one viral post and maybe a handful of e-mail subscribers.

One more shot

Two years later, in 2017, I decided to have another shot. That time, I was working alone and I got it quite seriously. I was working on my second novel (not to mention that I still am) and I thought that I knew a lot about writing and that I could give people some advice about writing.

Quite naturally, my idea was to convert my potential blog readers into book readers and to quit my teaching job and live entirely of writing. Don‘t we all want that?

Unfortunately for me, that idea failed as well.

I was trying too much. My posts looked more like academic papers on certain topics and issues about writing than something that blog should look like. I would have made a thorough research and put down everything I knew and learn. Consequently, my blogs were 3,000 words long essays on writing and something that nobody wanted to read. Apart from all of that, I would input an arrogant and ‚know it all‘ tone which deflected a lot of people. So, after 7 weeks and a devastating burnout, I decided to quit.

This time, let’s do it the way I like it

These days I  started to miss blog writing. There are so many things to say about writing and a writer‘s life in general and I don‘t have anyone to talk about that; I‘ve reached a point when only a fellow writer would understand my concerns. And, that‘s why, my fellow writer, I decided to give blogging one more try.

This time, I promise you that I will be short; 500 words per post is my goal. This time my main goal for blogging is to share whatever I encountered on my writing journey and I hope that you will have some use of these and future words.